RAISE in Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed published an essay I wrote based on RAISE:

turkey image

The Thanksgiving I Ate My Pet Turkey

One sunny day in May a few years ago, two roommates and I drove out to a farm in the country to pick up a couple of three-week-old turkey poults. The farmer raised her eyebrows when we told her that we planned to keep them in our urban neighborhood in Berkeley, California. But we assured her that our turkeys would have a good life, and she relinquished the apple-size birds to us. They chirped plaintively throughout the entire hour and a half of our drive home.

The farmer was probably right to worry. None of us had ever had any turkey experience, unless you counted the kind that appears on your plate at Thanksgiving. A lifelong city-dweller, I had never spent so much as an afternoon on a farm, let alone raised my own livestock.

But that year, 2011, all of a sudden my friends and neighbors began to talk about farming and food. Michael Pollan’s influential book The Omnivore’s Dilemma had come out a few years earlier, and more recently, journalist and farmer Novella Carpenter had written her book Farm City about raising turkeys, goats, and even pigs in one of Oakland’s grittiest neighborhoods.

Read the rest over at Buzzfeed.

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